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@SkyeGirlz Sticker - PLUR Vibes

@SkyeGirlz Sticker - PLUR Vibes

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Stylized @SkyeGirlz Caricature

Peace Love Unity Respect

These are the principles by which Samantha lives. As a conscious raver, she travels from EDM festivals to drum circles bestowing knowledge on those who are eager to learn about green living. Raving doesn't have to be wasteful! Learn more about how to mitigate your carbon footprint by following Sam on her journey @SkyeGirlz. Don't forget to support her mission by purchasing a trippy sticker!

2.67" x 2.5" Oval Sticker

Every element of this sticker has been chosen with positively-charged intention.
P - Hippie Headband
L - Heart Ring
U - Third Eye
R - Golden Bullet

"My lotus flowers represent the sacredness of being human, along with our innate desire to learn. Self-awakening includes knowledge without attachment!"