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Namaste Golden Orgonite Pyramid Black Chevron with Amethyst

S.L.E. Black Chevron - Medium Orgonite Pyramid

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Individually made-to-order in the USA. 
Allow 15-30 days for delivery.

Black Chevron

This Orgonite features a beautiful Black Chevron Amethyst. 

Black Chevron Amethyst is quite a rare specimen. It has all the healing properties of Amethyst and more: Banded Amethyst is excellent for working with the third eye and stimulating the third eye chakra. It is a powerful stone for dissipating and repelling negativity, as well as enhancing intuition. Black Chevron Amethyst has additional protective properties!

Dimensions: Approx. 3.5” x 3.5”

Please note: Each pyramid is handmade to order and may contain slight differences in color, design, etc.