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5 "Thought Gems" from Oprah's Soul Sunday

Thought Gems Inspiring Quotes from Oprah's Soul Sunday

Sometimes it only takes hearing a simple thought at just the right time in our lives to have that "Ah Ha" moment, bringing us to an awakening of our higher selves and connecting with our true being. 

I enjoy watching and listening to Oprah's 'Soul Sunday' show on Facebook, and came away with these 5 THOUGHT GEMS recently from her and her guests:

"I am yearning to create a meaningful life."

"The limit to my success is my own imagination."

"We were born to live in the 'sweet spot'."

"Life is not a fist, it is an open hand."

"Think Higher - Feel Deeper"

Please add your own THOUGHT GEMS in the comments below. One may be just what the next reader needs to see! 😍




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